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Willie & Roo

Hartz Just For Cats Gone Fishin' Cat Wand Toy with Catnip

Hartz Gone Fishin' is an interactive toy that will provide hours of fun for you and your cat. The sparkly catnip filled fish is attached to the end of a versatile wand that can be used to tease your cat during playtime or can be suctioned to any hard surface. The elastic string causes erratic movements to make your cat pounce for added play value.

  • Filled with catnip to attract your cat.
  • Can be suctioned to glass and some glossy surfaces.
  • Erratic movements to entice and tease kitty during playtime.
  • Great for pouncing, hunting, and interaction that brings out your cat's natural playful instincts.
  • A great way to promote exercise and activity in indoor cats of all ages.

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