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Southline + Willie & Roo = 😊🐶

Southline has partnered with Willie & Roo to help your pup love living here even more. Residents qualify for a FREE customized box of healthy toys, treats, chews, and wellness products for your doggo.

EASY AS 1-2-3

Fill out the form below to accept your free box. This is our gift to you and there is absolutely no obligation to subscribe to Willie & Roo or make any additional purchases from our online store. But, if you do, you'll get a 15% discount!

Once we receive your form, we'll email you a link to our proprietary Dog Health Survey. Completing and submitting this survey will allow us to customize your box to fit your pup's specific health & wellness profile.

Your free, fully customized box of fun, tasty, and healthy toys and treats will be delivered within 7-10 business days. More than one of our subscribers have called delivery day, "The day my dog does the happy dance!"

We make dogs (and humans) happy

Willie & Roo is the ultimate pet subscription box. They have treats, toys, and health supplements for your dog, plus a product for the owner in each box. They also have outstanding customer service!

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Aurora's Mom

Love, love, love Willie & Roo! Every month, we receive a wellness focused supplement, some fun toys for my pup, AND a sweet owner's gift. Willie & Roo is a huge hit in our house.

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Chuy's Mom

I love Willie & Roo! You can tell how much care and thought goes into the sample of products in each box. It's more about the genuine and unique health of your pet versus some mass production.

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Charlie's Mom

Ready for your FREE box?

Complete the form below to accept this special offer.