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Since Willie & Roo offers highly personalized boxes, products will vary each month based on the specific needs of each dog as well as the options you choose when you subscribe. Our standard box will include some yummy all-natural treats, a fun and engaging toy, a hearty chew, and a surprise gift for you, the pet pawrent, each month. When you subscribe, you'll have the option to add a second toy to your dog's monthly box. You'll also have the option to include one of our custom selected, organic health supplements if you want to maximize the health factor of your dog's subscription.

We're completely flexible when it comes to the exact contents that you and your dog prefer. Want more toys than treats? Need toys that can stand up to the strongest chewer? Do you think that an alternating schedule of two different supplements to help with multiple conditions is what your doggo needs? Or, do you just want a nice handwritten note from Willie and/or Roo in each box? We will bust our tails to meet your needs! All you have to do is ask. Email us at hello@willieandroo.com and let us know what you’d like to see in your dog’s box!

Before we ship your FURst box, we ask that you fill out our Wellness Survey to tell us all about your doggo. This survey lets us learn TONS about your fur baby, including their age, breed, weight, activity level, toy and treat preferences, any health conditions or concerns that they currently have, medications they are taking, and more. We look at this information and consult our veterinarians to make sure we are sending you a tailor-made subscription plan aimed at keeping your pet healthy. From there, you can choose to subscribe to our monthly box, packed with healthy goodies specifically chosen for your pup! 🐶

You sure can! Our full-service online store officially launched in 2020. From here, you can subscribe to one of our monthly box options, or order individual products for your fur baby.

If you're looking for a specific item that isn't in our store yet, please email us at hello@willieandroo.com with your request. We're keeping track of customer interest and are regularly adding great new items to our catalogue.

The beauty of Willie & Roo is that we are dedicated to providing every pet with the best possible products for them, no matter their existing health conditions. This means that we are able to accommodate any dietary needs, whether they are grain free, allergic to fish, or even vegan! Yes, vegan dogs do exist, and we adore them. 😍

Just let us know in your Wellness Survey what dietary restrictions your pup may have, and we’ll take care of the rest!


We ship our monthly box to all active subscribers on the same day every month. We call this Ship Day (pretty creative, huh? 😉) and it's a big celebration every month!

Ship Day falls on one of the last few days of the month, ensuring that your pup's box is delivered to your doorstep by the 1st day of each month. This way, you start off every month with another 30 day supply of your pet's hand-picked health supplement and exciting new gifts for you and your best bud!

Not yet, but we hope to take care of pets all over the world soon!

As of today, we only ship our boxes to customers in the United States. (including Alaska & Hawaii) If you live outside of the USA and want to tell us how unfair it is that we can't take care of your doggo, please email us at shipping@willieandroo.com. We're keeping track of demand from other countries and will expand internationally in the near future. 🌎


Well...yes and no. Shipping is free anywhere in the continental U.S. We charge a low flat-rate of $4.00 to ship to Alaska and Hawaii. Taxes will be calculated at checkout.

Yes! We understand that if you have more than one doggo, it can be hard to choose who gets the healthy goodies every month. Luckily, we can provide a subscription option that alternates between your pets every month.

And don’t worry, we will send you the correct amount of supplements so that each of your dogs stays on their health plans, even if it isn’t their month for their personalized subscription box.

Email us at hello@willieandroo.com if you are interested in starting this subscription plan for your fur babies!

As of today, we only offer a monthly subscription, but we're actively working on bi-monthly and quarterly delivery options!

We know that you want the best for your pet, but sometimes budgets get in the way and we want to remove those roadblocks. Send us a line at hello@willieandroo.com if you are interested in starting an every other month or a quarterly subscription plan for your dog and we'll do our best to take care of you!


No way! We are not, and never will be, a replacement for regular veterinary care and treatment for your dog. In fact, we highly recommend consulting with your veterinarian prior to starting your pup on any supplement regimen.

Our goal is to work in conjunction with your dog’s veterinarian to ensure we're doing everything we can to ensure optimal health for your fur baby.

We are not, but we do have a network of Veterinarian advisors that assist us with supplement recommendations, treatment options, care planning, and pertinent information for any of our dog or cat members that have existing health concerns and/or are taking any prescription or over-the-counter medications. We won't make any health recommendations in these cases without first getting their input.

We only partner with supplement vendors that have earned a Quality Seal from the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council). Furthermore, all of our Willie & Roo brand supplements and treats are manufactured by NASC certified vendors. Lastly, all supplements and treats that we include in our boxes are made right here in the United States.

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