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SERENITY: Anxiety Supplement for Dogs

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  • SERENITY offers relief to pups with anxiety. Though they aren’t grabbing a doggie briefcase and commuting to the office, it is common for dogs to suffer from chronic emotional stress that manifests as nervousness, separation anxiety, fearfulness, and distractedness. SERENITY contains herbal remedies for anxiety, including chamomile and hops. Our supplement is the most natural “chill pill” possible; give it a try!

  • Catnip: Eases nerves and soothes restlessness in canines by regulating blood pressure. This herb is also a strong natural diuretic and detoxifier.

    Chamomile: This flower is well-known for its ability to calm nerves and encourage a deeper, more restful sleep.

    Hops: This flower is known to be mildly sedating and helps to alleviate nervous tension built up in the body.

    Passion Flower: Contains alkaloids that are crucial in treating anxiety and depression while prohibiting mental overstimulation. Also shown to lower blood pressure.

    Skullcap: A natural brain and nerve tonic that is used to quite "the jitters" and alleviate hypersensitivity to touch.

    St. John's Wort: Lessens anxiety and phobias by increasing seratonin and dopamine levels in the brain. Also acts as an immunity booster.

    Valerian: This herb produces a calming effect to aid those suffering from anxiety, muscle spasms, nervous tension, and insomnia.