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4 Ways To Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween

October 20, 2021 2 min read

Dog with "Trick or Treat" sign on neck surrounded by jack-o-lanterns with "4 Ways To Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween" text overhead.


Halloween night can be a festive time in which the neighborhood mixes and mingles, the kids earn their favorite treats, and the pets get to partake in the fun with their own creative costumes. However, Halloween presents potential dangers to both dogs and cats. Here are a couple tips and precautions that ensure both humans and pets have a spooky (but safe) Halloween.

  1. Do not leave your pet unattended, especially outside. Halloween is mostly about treats, but there are people who like to trick, and their pranks can be harmful in nature. Pets are an easy target, and they can become severely injured as a result. This is especially true for black cats. Instead of leaving your pet outside, bring your dog or cat into the house, preferably away from the front door if there are a lot of unfamiliar people coming in and out of the house.

  2. Keep candy out of your pet's reach. This one feels a bit obvious, but our pets can be opportunists, and they can swipe something quickly while you're preoccupied. Make sure you have a safe place to keep all the chocolates and sweets at all times. This way you don't have an unhealthy Canine Candy Raid on your hands!

  3. Pay attention to fire and electric decorations as well! In all the excitement of the night, your cat or dog may chew on a cord, or wag their tail right into a lit candle. To keep your pet safe from electric shocks or burns, make sure these items are out of their reach.

  4. Keep ID tags on at all times. Their collar may take away from the cuteness of their costume, but resist the urge to take it off. With all the excitement and open front doors, your pet may choose to run out of the house, even if this is not a typical behavior. If this does happen, you want to make sure he or she has all your information on them.
Use these tips and share them with your friends to keep Halloween a fun, safe festivity for everyone!

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