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Not Just Another Dog Box: Focused On Your Dog's Health

October 27, 2021 1 min read

Smiling lady with her bassett hound sitting in study with "Focused On Your Dog's Health" text overhead.


"Hi my name is Amber A*****.
This is Winston.
He is our Basset mix.
He's about 11 years old.
He's a rescue from here in San Antonio.
He has high separation anxiety.
Not very fond of loud noises.
Kind of wants to be near you all the time.
He's a snuggler.
I would say he can just be defined as he's just kind of a big baby.
So for years we've tried a lot of different things on him.
He's gone to the vet.
He was on doggy Prozac for a while and doggy Xanax.
Didn't really do much of anything.
He currently is getting the anxiety supplement.
So for me, finding something that I at least feel good about giving him, that's natural, that I don't have to worry about giving him.
For us that's a huge plus.
So I love all the little like special touches in there that I can like put on him or that he gets to use for himself."
Selfishly for me, I love that there's always like a human gift in there.
My favorite things are the wine and dog socks which were pretty awesome.
And for me and Winston, it's really fun too just because we have two other dogs and they're large and they take up a lot of attention.
So every month like his little box comes in and he opens it and he gets first dibs on the treats.
He gets the toy and it's just something that makes him really excited and it's just fun to see.

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